Best Foods has teamed up with Burger Wisconsin to hunt for Aotearoa’s top burger recipe using the newly released, gloriously garlicky Best Foods Aioli. The iconic mayo brand has launched the Best Burger Showdown, calling for entries from 7 to 27 October.

Kiwis will put their culinary skills to the test and be in to win a whopping $5,000. The lucky cowboy or cowgirl will also see their winning recipe immortalised as a limited-edition menu item at nationwide gourmet burger joint Burger Wisconsin.

To enter the Best Burger Showdown, Kiwis have to simply create their best burger recipe using Best Foods ‘garlic as’ Aioli, which contains a staggering five times more garlic than any other aioli, and submit it online at before 11:59pm Sunday October 27. The aioli can be included creatively into the patty, fried chicken batter, or simply drizzled on the bun for a healthy kick of garlic.

A panel of burger enthusiasts and food pros will judge each recipe and separate the ordinary from the elite to present only the best.

The New Zealand public will then be able to have their say in who wins the Best Burger Showdown with the finalists facing off in three heated rounds of public votes.

To help get people inspired, Best Foods has teamed up with several seasoned burger pros, including beloved former My Kitchen Rules contestants and professional Kiwi foodies, Jay Wanakore and Sarah Chase; BBQ masterminds Fire & Thyme; Bunny Eats Design; VJ Cooks and wholesome, Waikato-based home chef Laura from The Kiwi Country Girl; to create chaotic and inspirational burger recipes using Best Foods Garlic Aioli as well.

Burger Wisconsin has also released a limited-edition burger to kick off the campaign and give Kiwis a taste of what NZ’s best burger could be. The Western-themed Eastwood burger is a towering masterpiece layering onion rings, hash brown, bacon, melty cheese, double beef patties and of course Best Foods garlicky Aioli between two perfectly soft, sesame buns.

Best Foods Aioli is fast becoming a Kiwi favourite, boasting the same rich and creamy taste expected from Best Foods with a serious infusion of garlic.

The Best Burger Showdown winner will be announced on Thursday 28 November, and the winning recipe will be available for the public to try for themselves at Burger Wisconsin for three weeks.

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