Le Creuset, renowned for its colourful enamelled cast iron cookware, introduces the Cocotte Every, a versatile new piece that can be used every day, by everyone, for nearly every type of dish.

Suitable for all stovetops, as well as for use in the oven, the compact 18cm and 20cm size of the cast iron Cocotte Every means that it won’t take up much space when used alongside other cookware. It has a substantial depth to offer enough capacity for different purposes, whether cooking rice, making pot bread, or simmering a delicious broth.

Le Creuset set out to create the ultimate shape that would be most suited to cooking rice and preparing simmered dishes. This carefully structured cocotte applies the perfect amount of heat to ingredients, making it ideal for a wide variety of recipes. Its compact size is also easy to handle and store.

The round-curved bottom, deep body, and dome-shaped lid have all been designed to create a triple effect for maximising heat convection, providing even cooking results; while the stoneware inner lid, a unique feature of the Cocotte Every, prevents boil over when cooking rice or heating stews.

Perfect for all types of cooks – including beginners – the Cocotte Every can be used for:

  • Preparing soups and stews
  • Frying
  • Grilling meats, thanks to the satin black interior
  • Baking breads and cake

The Cocotte Every is available in Le Creuset boutique stores in Cerise, Volcanic, Marseille, Cotton, Chiffon Pink, Satin Black and Meringue.
18cm Cocotte Every RRP $520 NZD
20cm Cocotte Every RRP $580 NZD

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