Australasia’s largest vegetarian food manufacturer, Life Health Foods, has brought The Alternative Meat Co. to New Zealand from across the ditch. Its new range of 100% plant-based meat alternatives offers Kiwis a unique and delicious meat-free, healthy and more sustainable option as they increasingly opt to cut-down their meat intake.

The Alternative Meat Co.’s range includes The Alternative Burger and The Alternative Sausage, offering a deliciously ‘beefy’ taste designed for everyone to enjoy, no matter their dietary preference.

From sausage sizzles to drool-worthy burgers, meat-lovers and veggies alike can get their ‘meat’ fix, and all of the benefits of plant-powered protein this summer, thanks to the new range.

Try stacking an ‘Alternative Burger’ patty in-between a seeded burger bun, along with a slice of cheese (vegan optional), dollop of mustard and some kumara fries for a home-cooked post-work out supper. Or, grill a batch of sausages at your next barbecue and serve to guests alongside a slathering of chilli sauce and some slaw for a Kimchi inspired hotdog.

All Alternative Meat Co. products are vegan friendly, packed with plant-protein, a great source of fibre, and free from preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, GMOs and palm oil. The new Alternative Meat Co. range has joined Life Health Food’s other loved products, including The Alternative Dairy Co, Bean Supreme, and Lisa’s and Naked Cuisine

A recent Colmar Brunton survey commissioned by Life Health Foods showed that 1 in 3 Kiwis are consciously limiting their meat consumption, or eat no meat at all. Top reasons for reducing meat include health, environmental concerns and animal welfare concerns.

Mark Roper, Life Health Foods International Marketing Manager, says, “We’re thrilled to be bringing a plant-based alternative meat range to New Zealand and we’re expecting it to be a huge hit with Kiwis this summer.”

“Whether you’re flexi, vegan, vegetarian or a meat-lover, Alternative Meat Co. products are an ideal option if you’re looking to decrease your meat for health, environmental or any other reason.”

“In the past, taste has been a huge barrier for Kiwis looking to reduce their meat consumption but The Alternative Meat Co’s ‘beefy’ taste mimics meat at a sensory level, providing all of the satisfaction of a burger but with the added nutritional benefits of being plant-based. The response from Kiwi meat eaters to date has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Sustainably grown and environmentally friendly, The Alternative Meat Co’s products offer an alternative that’s kinder to the planet than traditional meat. The range also uses recyclable packaging.

“We believe in the power of plants. Grown sustainably, plants use significantly less water, require less land mall and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the production of traditional meat,” says Mark.

“There’s no Planet B, and we’re finding more and more consumers are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Making the switch to meat alternatives a couple of times a week is one simple way to make a difference, without compromising on taste – even if you’re a dedicated meat eater.”

The Alternative Meat Co. products are available to purchase nationwide from now in the refrigerated meat section of New World, Pak’n’ Save and Countdown stores, so you’ll be given the option of making a meat-free swap when you’re contemplating your next DIY burger, spag bowl or snag purchase

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