Because if 500,000 people were coming ‘round to yours, what would you do?
New World Whitianga launches a world-first with New World Waka Kai today, delivering hassle-free groceries to Coromandel beaches via a Sealegs amphibious boat.

Coromandel locals and tourists can now saunter down to the beach to pick up their fresh salads, Christmas berries, BBQ steaks or silken tofu, completely avoiding the mayhem common to supermarkets, and surrounding roads, in holiday locations.

The brainchild of owner-operator Kerry Stanley, the bright red, bespoke New World amphibious Sealegs will ensure summer shopping is hassle-free and relaxed for thousands of customers. The Coromandel welcomes upwards of 500,000 visitors each summer, creating all sorts of issues for supermarket operators and customers alike.

Stanley says, “I’ve been here in Whitianga for a couple of years now and there’s no denying it’s absolutely bananas over the summer. The aisles in New World Whitianga are packed with people trying to shop, and the roads are heaving with hot, frustrated drivers and
their car-sick kiddies heading to the store to stock up. It’s also challenging running our online deliveries on the road around here, so we thought it would be a great idea to add in a delivery option by sea.”

“Our customers are excited to be the first New Zealanders to order and receive groceries that were delivered to them by boat! We know they’d rather be at the beach and spending time with their families instead of going on a mission to the supermarket, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer them this world-first service.”

How does it work?
When customers place an I Shop order with New World Whitianga, they can choose from three online shopping services: click and collect, delivery by van or delivery by boat. New World Waka Kai boat delivery is delivering to six beaches: Cooks Beach, Hahei, Pauanui, Opito Bay, Matarangi and Whangapoua.

Customers should visit for a schedule of when Waka Kai is
delivering to which beaches.

“We’re using an innovative New Zealand boat to solve the shopping headaches of thousands of people visiting or living in this magical part of the world. The New World Waka Kai service is fully operational and will run to the beginning of February, and depending on customer demand, we may extend the service to run even longer,” says Stanley.

Given the sea can sometimes have a bit of a temper, there is a Plan B if orders can’t be delivered to the beach.

“We’ve increased our delivery van availability for the summer period, so if things don’t
go according to plan on the water, customers won’t miss out on their beers or burgers.”

For more information head to or visit to place your New World Waka Kai I Shop order today.

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