Discover true Italian coffee with the Nespresso’s Ispirazione Italiana. The coffee range ‘Ispirazione Italiana’ is a tribute to Italy’s historical & diverse coffee culture.

Nespresso debuts two new permanent Italian-inspired coffee blends. The new coffees will join Nespresso’s ‘intense’ range, which relaunches today as Ispirazione Italiana. The coffee collection of seven blends has been inspired by the culture and the coffee roasting traditions of Italy’s cities: Rome (Roma), Florence (Firenze), Palermo, Naples (Napoli), Genova and Venice (Venezia).


Italy is at the core of Nespresso’s DNA. The Nespresso story began over 30 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea inspired by the espresso machine invented by the Italian Luigi Bezzera in 1905, who wanted to give anyone the opportunity to create the perfect cup of espresso just like skilled barista in Italy.

Including long-standing favourites such as Arpeggio and Livanto, the intense range is evolving to Ispirazione Italiana to better reflect the regional Italian expertise it was inspired by. Ideally suited to New Zealand’s love for intense coffees, Kiwis can now create an espresso or ristretto as it would be enjoyed in Italy.

ISPIRAZIONE ITALIANA: the new permanent coffee range

Each cup from the Ispirazione Italiana range is a journey through Italy’s diverse regional coffee artistry and unique roasting expertise. Specially crafted, each coffee captures the essence of the inspired city, whether it’s the spicy North African influences in Palermo or rich depth of history of Rome – it’s these local details that make this collection a true delight.

New Ispirazione Napoli:

From the streets of Naples, the local deep-rooted coffee ritual inspired our dark roasting method, which masterfully developed the coffee to an intense degree. Leavened with Robusta, the result is a velvety, creamy cup with an extremely thick body and a pleasant, bitter aftertaste. A tribute to the roasting proficiency of the Italian capital of coffee.

New Ispirazione Venezia:

Bridging the Ottoman Empire to Western Europe, Venice has a long history of importing the world’s coffees and expertly roasting them to balance their diversity. The muse for our cup: delicately aromatic, all elements balanced harmoniously, caramel notes and thick body.

Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano:

A drop of deliciousness: the essence of Italy’s iconic drinking tradition. Inspired by the ambassador of all Italian coffees, the ristretto, we chose not to imitate, but to roast our perfect version. Long roasted in part for body, short for brightness and fruit, this coffee is the culmination of all we explored in the emblematic Italian cup.

This blend also exists in decaf.

Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio:

This exquisite blend is a true reflection of Florence’s cultural significance: An intellectual hub in the heart of Italy, drawing influences from all the country. Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio’s roasting style brings these influences together by combining fruity notes traditionally found in the North of Italy with cocoa notes from the South, culminating in a velvety, dense and creamy cup.

This blend also exists in decaf.

Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar:

Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar inspired our long, dark roasting style plus a high Robusta content: hallmarks of this Southern city. At a crossroads of influence from African and Arab traditions, multicultural Palermo made us dream. The result is an exceptionally intense, syrupy, woody and spicy coffee, crowned with very dark, thick crema.

Ispirazione Roma:

The fragrance wafting out of Rome’s traditional coffee bars is a testament to a rich history of contrasts: popular tastes, tempered by the capital’s elegance. This complexity is mirrored in a subtle roast, balancing intensity and finesse and deep flavour spiked with hints of acidity.

Ispirazione Genova Livanto:

From this important trading city, sailors navigated the globe in the quest of discovering a myriad of aromas and flavours. Latin American coffees were among the treasures they brought back from their explorations. Ispirazione Genova Livanto’s medium roast brings together in beautiful balance all the rounded flavours of Brazilian, Colombian and Guatemalan coffees, crowned by their classic sweet caramel note.

Nespresso Ambassador Mitch Monaghan says the range’s evolution to Ispirazione Italiana is a closer reflection of Nespresso’s heritage and coffee quality.

“For over 30 years, our team, comprised of coffee roasters, sensory experts, food scientists and engineers have embarked on a journey to create a selection of blends that are inspired by Italy’s rich historical coffee culture. We’re so pleased to have curated a permanent collection that focuses on telling the richer story of Nespresso and enable Kiwis to reproduce the same style of coffees that they would find in an Italian bar.”

Ispirazione Italiana is available online and at Nespresso Boutiques now.

You can use this new coffee range in this beautiful coffee cheesecake recipe.

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