Le Creuset is excited to introduce its latest campaign, Zen Kitchen. Inspired by Japanese culture – in the spotlight in 2020 – Zen Kitchen transports you to the land of the rising sun, from the comfort of your kitchen. With Japanese-inspired dishes as delicious and healthy as they are aesthetically pleasing, Zen Kitchen provides a fresh look on how Japanese culture can influence both interiors and lifestyle.

At a time when peace, calm and wellbeing in the home is valued as a welcome juxtaposition to the chaos of modern life, the new palette is inspired by Japan’s love for neutral shades and natural elements. A colour collective comprising new serene Meringue, tranquil Coastal Blue, calming Ink and a pop of vibrant Cerise, Zen Kitchen encourages energy in harmony with elegance and wellbeing, evoking scenes of delicate cherry blossoms, stepping-stones in Zen Gardens, and vast blue waters lit by the striking rising sun.

The Zen Kitchen range is a curated collection of products designed to help you cook simple yet authentic Japanese dishes. With a combination of well-loved Le Creuset essentials and an array of exciting new additions, extending your culinary repertoire has never been easier. New for Zen Kitchen, and ideal for stir fries packed with flavour, is a 3-ply Stainless Steel Shallow Casserole 30cm.

Available in classic Cerise and Satin Black, as well as Meringue and Shell Pink, the new Cast Iron Cocotte Every are ideal for creating perfectly cooked, fluffy rice, as well as soups and casseroles.

For a delicate matcha brew, the new Stoneware Teapot with Stainless Steel infuser is set to become an everyday staple, while the new Stoneware Fusion Bowl 1L and Stoneware Fusion 600ml are designed with rich ramen and flavoursome rice bowls in mind.

To help you hero the flavours and methods of the East, authentic recipes and inspiration
are brought to you this season by Yuki Gomi, renowned Japanese chef and food writer.

Choose from punchy oven baked Miso Curry Chicken, created in the Toughened NonStick Square Roaster 26cm, or fresh Primavera Fried Rice, in the 3-ply Stainless Steel Shallow Casserole 30cm. From Salmon in Nan Ban Sauce cooked in the Signature Cast Iron Shallow Casserole, to Pork, Tofu & Arame Patties served on a Stoneware Dinner Plate, there is inspiration for every type of cook.

This Autumn Winter 2020, allow a kaleidoscope of Japanese colours and flavours to enrich your kitchen with Le Creuset’s Zen Kitchen range.

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