Krispy Kreme New Zealand is giving away FREE* doughnuts every Friday in June with the purchase of any dozen.

Friday 5 June was the National Doughnut Day.…but who could keep a track of what day of the week we were on? Not us. So Krispy Kreme New Zealand has turned National Doughnut Day into the National Doughnut Month, offering fans the chance to receive a FREE* doughnut of choice every Friday in June with the purchase of any dozen.

Krispy Kreme New Zealand Retail Manager, Antonio Rivera says, “We know things are a little different this year. So, we’ve decided to extend our National Doughnut Day celebrations across the entire month of June, to spread the joy far and wide and allow our customers to enjoy FREE doughnuts on us, at their own pace”.

Doughnut-lovers can visit participating Krispy Kreme New Zealand stores to purchase any dozen and will receive ANY free doughnut of choice. Customers who place orders via UberEats will receive a voucher to be redeemed before 30 June 2020*.

Krispy Kreme is famous for its melt-in-your-mouth Original Glazed™ doughnuts, that are crafted from a recipe dating back to the 1930s.

However, with plenty of Fridays to redeem the FREE doughnut offer – there’s no better time to try a fancy new flavour (or four!). Our top picks below:

Original Glazed™ Doughnut
When people talk about a Krispy Kreme doughnut, they’re usually referring to our signature treat: the Original Glazed™. Made from a recipe dating back to the 1930s, our Original Glazed doughnuts have helped set us apart. And if you haven’t had an Original Glazed™ HOT off-the-line, you need to try one!

The Simpsons D’ohnut
It’s delicious, it’s pink, it’s sprinkled, it’s Homer Simpson’s favourite snack! Our signature Original Glazed™ doughnut hand dipped in white choc truffle with strawberry flavour with a smattering of rainbow sprinkles.

Kookies n’ Kreme
A yeast raised doughnut shell hand filled with lusciously smooth cream mixed with crushed cookies. White icing, crushed cookies and white icing drizzle add the finishing touch to this Kookies n’ Kreme sensation.

Vanilla Slice
A timeless patisserie classic and a crowd pleaser
Our Vanilla Slice doughnut is filled with a smooth vanilla custard, hand dipped in a velvety white icing and decorated with a delicate chocolate ganache swirl.

To find your nearest participating Krispy Kreme location, or to order online, visit

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