Howler Hotdogs has taken out the top hotdog award in the New Zealand Vegan Sausage

The New Zealand Vegan Sausage Awards honour the best in Kiwi plant-based sausages, recognising the growing number of people choosing plant-based diets. The 2020 awards had 30 entries from around 20 different local producers. Judges assessed entries on taste, consistency and appearance and included Tom Sainsbury, Celebrity Vegan Comedian and
Gerrard O’Keefe, Former Head Chef at Heritage Hotel Auckland.

Jo Williamson, Founder of Howler Hotdogs, says the award is the ultimate compliment.
“There’s nothing better than when someone takes a bite out of one of our hotdogs and reels back in surprise, thinking they’ve accidentally eaten meat. We work hard to ensure no one misses out because of their dietary requirements, so to be measured against our peers and judged a winner is wonderful,” says Jo Williamson.

Howler launched its vegan hotdogs just over a year ago, and demand has been growing strongly ever since.

“In just over 12 months, our Vege Hotdogs make up 15% of all sales, which is phenomenal, and demand keeps on growing,” says Jo Williamson.

Claire Insley from the Vegan Society says the awards show Kiwi consumers 100% plant-based sausages are just as tasty, fun, and versatile as the traditional meat version.

“There are some fabulous vegan sausages available in our supermarkets these days, and we encourage more people to give them a try.

“Howler Hotdogs has won awards in 2019 and 2020. If you’ve tried one of these bad boys, you know exactly why. Covered in light, crispy batter around a sausage so reminiscent of its animal-derived cousins that you may worry you’ve picked up the wrong pack,” says Claire Insley.

Howler Hotdogs has also recently achieved the Vegan Tick of approval, giving consumers the ultimate assurance the food they’re buying, and eating is 100 plant-based.

“The tick assures consumers our hotdogs aren’t cross-contaminated during production and don’t have ingredients derived from animal products. It also gives us extra credibility as we start looking at export markets like Australia,” says Jo Williamson.

About Howler Hotdogs
Pioneers in snack foods, Howler Hot dogs was among the first in New Zealand to cater to the growing number of people with special dietary requirements. Initially offering gluten-free convenience foods, it has expanded its range to include vegan options. Howler Hotdogs is stocked in over 220 supermarkets nationwide.

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