Sweet & Sour Chicken and Vegetables Risotto Bowl 

With only 5 pantry staples you can create a healthy and tasty meal in a flash. We recommend keeping a variety of convenient meal bases in your pantry as they are so handy when you are after something different for your easy fix dinner.

Prep Time: 5 minutes  Cook time: 20 minutes Serves: 2



  1. Cook the rice risotto according to the pack instructions.
  2. Meanwhile, heat a dash of oil in a wok. Add the Chicken and onion. Stir Fry until the chicken changes colour. Add the vegetables and stir fry until well cooked.
  3. Add cooking sauce to the wok , mix well and heat through.
  4. Serve the chicken & vegetable stir-fry over rice risotto. Enjoy!

Serving suggestion : Sprinkle with thinly sliced  spring onion for added freshness.





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