The Kiwi food-technology company Arepa, has gained significant global attention for its groundbreaking patented formula that combines a unique variety of New Zealand blackcurrants with an extract of NZ pine bark. These specialised ingredients are often referred to as ‘nootropics’, a buzz word to describe compounds that support cognitive function.

After countless hours in the lab, the scientists at Arepa have just created the all-new Lite + Sparkling.With lighter flavours and bubbles, their newest drink will have your brain covered all Winter.

Containing bright refreshing notes from a dash of Neuroberry blackcurrants and the full effect of New Zealand Pine Bark Extract and L-theanine. Arepa Lite + Sparkling is to be enjoyed daily to maintain Mental Clarity.

After personally witnessing the impact cognitive-related illness has on families, Arepa Founder Angus Brown, set out to learn more about how to help the brain. That journey took him to launch Arepa, the nootropic beverage backed by patents, research and formulated with a professor of psychopharmacology from Melbourne.

Lite + Sparkling costs $5.99 and is found in all good supermarkets, cafes and health food shops nationwide and online

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