The winter season brings about a dangerous cocktail of hazards to our health and wellness. PURITI, a sub-company of the globally-known high quality agricultural firm Midlands Group based in Ashburton, produces premium New Zealand Manuka honey, the nutrient-rich key to wellness.

Manuka honey contains a combination of glucose and fructose which provide a more gradual and balanced energy release, while most other sugar options contain 100% sucrose, a fast energy release with no nutritional value. With four times the mineral content of other honey products, PURITI Manuka honey contains all the high-quality ingredients to keep your wellness on track.

The nutritional benefits of Manuka honey are far-ranging. To help customers explore a wide-range of Manuka honey options, suitable for everyone from busy parents to labour intensive jobs in the workforce, PURITI now offers Manuka Wellness Bundles. To safeguard you for the winter months, each bundle includes a jar of Manuka honey (UMF 15+), portable Manuka honey snap packs, two packs of Manuka lozenges, and more. All tailored to keep you energised and well, and all unique products to the PURITI brand.

“Manuka has a reputation for having specific types of electrolytes and it really has a lot of natural immune supporting properties, not to mention is actually gut-friendly, is a natural cough suppressant and has a lower glycemic index. Its elixir effect boosts energy and enhances a quality diet,” notes Adam Boot, International Brand Manager of PURITI.

“Manuka honey contains uniquely high levels of the anti-bacterial compound Methylglyoxal. It is the high levels of Methylglyoxal that makes Manuka honey suitable for advanced wound care dressings, skin treatments, premium cosmetics and makes it a genuine superfood.”

PURITI Manuka honey and the PURITI Manuka Wellness Bundles are available online;


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