The research sought to answer the question no one thought to ask: What are the weird and wonderful ways Kiwis enjoy their favourite biscuits?

The most curious habit seems to be with the Shrewsbury, with 6.4% of Kiwis claiming to stick their finger in the centre before eating the bikkie, while 37% eat around the bikkie first to save the jammy-centre for last. Unsurprisingly, half of the New Zealanders (51.6%) simply eat a Shrewsbury like a normal bikkie.

When asked about their ToffeePop eating habits, the majority of New Zealanders (56.9%) said they nibble around the bikkie until just the caramel centre remained.

Some Kiwis are keen to get creative with their bikkies, with 15% of the population adding something a little extra to their bikkies. Additions include butter and jam, creating a bikkie icecream sandwich, marshmallows to create smores and even Marmite on Superwines. Those in the Gisborne region are the most likely to add something, with one-third (33.3%) adding a little extra.

New Zealand also seems to embrace their inner child, with more than a third (35.5%) of Kiwis having built something with their Chocolate Fingers, while 14.3% have attempted to count the Hundreds &Thousands sprinkles on their bikkies. Those 18-34 years old were the most likely to have counted their Hundreds & Thousands sprinkles.

While many Kiwis are comfortable getting a bit silly with their bikkies, a whopping 64.5% of New Zealanders say they never play with their food.

A hotly contested topic in Aotearoa is how to achieve the perfect dunk. Kiwis’ habits vary when dunking their Griffin’s Gingernuts, with nearly half (47.1%) claiming to only do a quick dip to soften the bikkie while one in five (21.6%) dunk their bikkie until it’s saturated. A small number of Kiwis (8.4%) choose to dunk their Griffins’s Gingernuts until it’s nearly falling apart, with just 2% claiming they always lose their bikkie from dunking too long. Surprisingly, almost one in five (18.2%) New Zealanders don’t dunk their Griffin’s Gingernuts.

When it comes to indulging in a MallowPuff or two, respondents can be particular about their approach. Although half of the population (51.8%) will eat both the marshmallow and bikkie in each bite, the vote is split on whether to eat the marshmallow or bikkie first, with 18.4% choosing to indulge in the marshmallow first, while 18.6% save it for last. Interestingly, 7.9% will always eat the chocolate shell before devouring the marshmallow and bikkie. Women are more likely to eat their MallowPuffs in a set order (51%) compared to men (37.7%).

One third of Kiwis (29.3%) are proud bikkie stackers, creating a biscuit sandwich with two Choc Thins at a time, while 4.5% will stack three Choc Thins to go for a more ambitious triple-decker bikkie. The overwhelming majority (64.7%) will simply eat their Choc Thins one at a time, with many claiming they rarely stop at just one.

When asked to rank their favourite Griffin’s bikkies, Kiwis overwhelmingly voted ToffeePops as their number one choice (29%), followed closely by MallowPuffs (27.3%). Mint Treats narrowly won third-place, with 19.3% listing them in their top three, while Griffin’s Gingernuts missed out by just one point at 19.2%.

The survey was conducted by global research company PureProfile on behalf of Griffin’s NZ. There were 1000 respondents, representative of New Zealand.

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