A Sumatran coffee aged for three years is the latest addition to Nespresso’s Master Origins range which showcases legendary coffee craftsmanship native to far flung corners of the globe.

Aged Sumatra is a limited-edition coffee crafted to complement the existing blends in Nespresso’s Master Origins range. Unlike any coffee in the permanent Nespresso range, Aged Sumatra carries with it a unique and meticulous ageing process that has resulted in an intense cup New Zealanders are sure to love.

Inspired by the skills of each region’s finest artisans, the Master Origins range gives Kiwi coffee enthusiasts the chance to experience legendary tastes that might otherwise elude them.

Foodies in New Zealand are invited to try their hand at recipes inspired by the range, created in collaboration with two esteemed culinary craftsmen, Peter Gordon and Ganesh Raj. The chefs have created bespoke recipes, Peter for Aged Sumatra and Ganesh for India, that are inspired by the respective coffees to showcase the craftsmanship synergies behind coffee and food. Their recipes are designed to be easily recreated by everyday foodies and available online now at www.nespresso.com/en/nz.

Harnessing the local skills and knowledge from local coffee farmers in these regions, Nespresso Master Origins coffees are a celebration of the unique methods and meticulous care taken to craft each cup of Nespresso coffee. The distinctive aromatics of these coffees are not only linked to the countries of origin, but also to the specific ways of processing coffee by local farming communities.

Each coffee sourced has allowed for Nespresso to work in partnership with local coffee farmers to produce these distinctive coffees to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Nespresso Country Manager Stefan Vermeulen says, “The Master Origins range is our ode to the coffee legends around the globe, and the unique craft and skills that go into creating each cup of exceptional coffee. We’re thrilled to have Peter Gordon and Ganesh Raj on board to showcase their own craft and invite Kiwis to join them in recreating a recipe alongside a quality cup.”

“As far as coffee craftsmanship goes, it doesn’t get much better than Aged Sumatra. After being treated more like a wine through the ageing process, the coffee carries a complex profile that Kiwis are sure to appreciate.”

Discover Limited Edition Master Origin Aged Sumatra Wet-Hulled Aged Arabica

Sumatran coffee is legendary. As one of the first places in the world known for growing coffee on a large scale, Sumatra in Indonesia is renowned for the quality coffee beans it produces that offer a unique combination of body, depth and flavour. But this limited-edition is even more special than most.

High up around Gayo Mountain, in the Aceh province of the island of Sumatra, groups of skillful coffee farmers devote their expertise to the unusual process of giling basah. This process consists in removing the coffee cherry flesh and parchment while the beans inside are still wet, letting it breathe and dry more easily.

But then, the farmers add a meticulous twist. Over the next three years the stored beans are left to moisten and dry with nature’s rhythms. Every three months within this time, these craftspeople took great care to sort through, aerate and re-bag the coffee beans to ensure even ageing. The coupling of Indonesia’s giling basah method with the meticulous aging over several years develops a distinctive coffee profile.

Coffee lovers can expect a spicy woody profile with a velvety feel. Complex notes of cocoa and sweet caramel are also present throughout.



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