LISA’s Hummus and Marmite fans, rejoice! New Zealand’s most trusted vegetarian brand, LISA’s, has found its best mate in the form of iconic Kiwi brand Marmite; with the two joining forces in a ‘tasty as’ collaboration to launch LISA’s Marmite Hummus.

The quintessentially Kiwi mix combines the adored flavour of LISA’s Original hummus with the unmistakable taste of Marmite; the result is a deliciously unique product that’s set to enter Aotearoa’s gastronomic hall of fame whether you say ‘nah, yeah’ or ‘yeah, nah’ to this flavour combo.

LISA’s Marmite Hummus is the coming together of two supermarket favourites and a combination that Kiwis never knew they needed, which will be the new go-to delicious dip for crackers, pretzels, bagels, veggies, toast, chip sammies… the list goes on and on!

“LISA’s is known for its delicious flavour combinations, but this is the most interesting one we’ve released to date – and luckily, us Kiwis love to be experimental and try new flavours,” says Mark Roper, Life Health Foods International Marketing Manager.

“LISA’s is a Kiwi brand through and through, and we couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with Marmite, another much-loved homegrown brand. We can’t wait for New Zealanders to give LISA’s Marmite Hummus a try with their own best mates and tell us what they think.”

Just like LISA’S other products, LISA’s Marmite Hummus still has the same high-quality ingredients – chickpea, garlic, tahini and a squeeze of lemon juice – plus the added bonus of Marmite-y goodness.

“We’ve truly lived up to Marmite’s ‘made to be messed with’ slogan with this iconically Kiwi collaboration, and we look forward to hearing what Kiwi foodies think of our latest culinary creation,” says Pete Davis, Sanitarium™ Health Food Company National Marketing Manager.

“Marmite, and LISA’s Hummus, are both Kiwi icons in their own right, and now that they’ve come together, we hope New Zealanders will agree it’s a match made in heaven – right up there with fish and chips, or tomato sauce on a pie.”

Keep an eye out for LISA’s Marmite Hummus in the chilled dip section of your local supermarket. RRP $4.29.

About LISA’s

LISA’s Hummus started back in 1994, as the pioneer of hummus in NZ, selling in plain pots labelled with blue felt tipped pen on the lids. Whilst today’s product might look somewhat smarter, the wholesome fresh quality of the hummus’ and dips remains true to the original from LISA’s home kitchen. Through innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, LISA’s has built into the iconic Kiwi brand it is today. LISA’s is loved and trusted in New Zealand and is the preferred choice when it comes to entertaining and spending quality time with family and friends, offering a great selection of everyday and entertaining favourites from our Original Hummus and Flavoured Hummus to our Toppings and Feta Dips. All of our products are made fresh from our factory in Avondale, Auckland.

About Sanitarium™ Marmite™

Marmite has been loved by Kiwis for over 100 years. Marmite is low in fat, vegetarian and contains five essential B vitamins. Marmite is a good source of thiamin, riboflavin, folate and niacin. A single 5g serve provides 50% of the recommended dietary intake of thiamin and 25% of the recommended dietary intake of riboflavin and niacin.

Marmite is a vegetarian source of Vitamin B12. A single 5g serve provides 25% of the recommended dietary intake.




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