From the cuisine, to the fit out and friendly hospitality, Margo’s Queenstown is an experience from the minute you walk through the turquoise, Mexican casa inspired doors.

Created by Future Bars Ltd, the local hospitality group behind Little Blackwood, Rhino’s Ski Shack and Minus 5° Ice Bar, Margo’s brings a never-ending exploration of tastes, sights and smells to Queenstown.

Managing Director, James Ace said the idea for the restaurant came about five years ago, and the group had been putting the wheels in motion since then.

“We’ve always been drawn to the flavours, sights and smells of Mexico, a beautiful country with a rich history and undeniably good cuisine. We wanted to create a restaurant and bar that brought a slice of Mexico to Queenstown.

“We’re proud to have opened our doors in the middle of our most challenging year in business, and to be able to bring something a little bit different to the Queenstown gastronomy scene. We’re also really thankful for the local support so far,” he said.

The approachable, shared-style menu was created by Indianapolis-born head-chef, Matt Tobin and is full of classics like guacamole, tacos and churros through to more traditional inspired dishes like Oaxacan duck pizza.

The menu also boasts a dedicated vegan section, and the cocktail list features an extensive range of margaritas, tequilas and mezcals.

Tobin says the menu draws inspiration from the many different flavours of Mexico, but with a contemporary twist.

“Mexican cuisine is where it’s at. My inspiration comes mainly from my roots in the Mid-West and of course, my travels. Experiencing everything from real authentic cuisine in Mexico, through to Michelin-starred restaurants and Tex-Mex culinary creations in the states.”

“I like to call Margo’s cuisine a mash-up, it’s independent soul food that’s flavourful, bold and while it’s authentic, it’s also unique,” he said.

Margo’s is tucked away on Honey Lane, 24-26 Ballarat Street Queenstown (above Rhino’s Ski Shack) and is open Wednesday-Sunday, 5pm-late.

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