Avocado pudding

Two blue rimmed bowls of green creamy food topped with kiwifruit slices and nuts on white board with pale coloured cloth, and a pink flower.

We thought we would try out Kourtney Kardashian’s 3 ingredient avocado pudding recipe and we agree, it’s a winner. Serve with fresh fruit for a quick breakfast or prepare for an afternoon pick me up.

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Plantain & Coconut Gratin

A blue skillet full of yellow and brown baked food on white board with a blue cloth and a part of blue rimmed white plate

Plantain gratin is a common dish in the Caribbean. We make it as a healthy alternative to lasagne. Plantains are full of fibre and vitamins (A,C and B6), and are rich in potassium. If you have a plant based diet then use dairy free cheese and oil instead of butter.

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Fried Sweet Plantains

6 browned banana like food and a dish of honey with wooden stick on a metal tray on green mint green background. A sunflower and a bowl of nuts at the bottom edge.

As the plantains ripen, they turn yellow and black spots start to appear, just like the bananas you are familiar with. Ripe plantains have soft flesh with slight tangy taste just like the normal bananas without the banana flavour. They are delicious caramelised with butter and a little sprinkle of cinnamon.

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Baked Banana Boomerangs & Pineapple Frisbees

Three pineapple and four banana topped baked pies with chocolate drizzles on green table with a bowl of nuts

Fruit tartlets are always a hit with kids. Try this fun and tasty recipe with the kids during the holidays. We cut our pastry into fun banana boomerangs and pineapple frisbees but feel free to try other fruit and shapes.

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Banana & Peanut Butter Ice Cream

A rectangle glass box with light brown cream topped with brown swirls and nuts on marble board, icecream scoop, flowers and a bowl of nuts around it.

Made with frozen bananas, this naturally sweet, heavenly creamy peanut butter dessert is just amazing. It’s not technically an ice cream, but why not?  Once you try, you will be hooked!

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Raw Avocado & Lime Cheesecake

Round green cake with a slice cut topped with flowers on marble, lime halves and more flowers scattered.

This raw avocado and lime cheesecake is not only divine, but it’s also healthy! So healthy in fact, you can have it for breakfast too! Perfect for gluten free eaters.

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Fresh Pineapple & Chocolate Cream Tart 

A large tart filled with chocolate cream, topped with pineapple slices and mint leaves on white board with a bowl of cut pineapples and green striped cloth on right side

A simple yet decadent fresh pineapple and chocolate cream tart inspired by the traditional Italian fruit tarts. This is our take on a Kiwi icon, the Pineapple lump. Picture a layer of rich chocolate cream spread on an almond pastry base and topped with sweet and tangy pineapple slices: a winning contrast!

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Chocolate Plum Cake

A whole baked cake with red plums on white papered plate, green plant on the right side back

Our latest take on the upside down cake, this chocolate plum cake is a must-try! The combination of fresh fruit, chocolate and ground almond give it texture and keep it nice and moist. Black Doris plums are perfect for this but feel free to substitute with your favourite seasonal stone fruit.

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Banana S’mores

Five blackened bananas topped with pink and brown toppings on wooden board and a bowl of pink and white sweets

Air Fried banana S’mores are the new way to eat bananas! Watch little bananas turn soft and creamy in an Air fryer. Their flavour dramatically intensifies and makes them the best base for the perfect S’mores. This quick and easy dessert will have the (big) kids go bananas!

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