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Baked Cherry Dessert (Clafouti)

Clafouti is a baked French dessert of cherries arranged in a dish and covered with a thick flan-like batter. Feel free to substitute any...

Scalloped Potatoes

There's nothing better than scalloped potatoes to add creamy goodness and a saucy side dish to a main meal. Serves 6 For Scalloped Potatoes, you will...

The Best Steak Sandwich

This steak sandwich recipe is one of my top three go-to recipes when we're starving but want to eat healthy! This is juicy and...

Hash Brown Potato Bake

This fabulous potato recipe uses hash browns which makes it fast, easy and delicious. Add grated cheese and a bit of onion and you've...

Pesto Pastry Wheels

Stuck on what finger food to serve when you have friends over? Pastry nibbles are a sure fire way to impress friends and family...

Creamy Mushrooms

Want to be a fun-guy and make creamy mushrooms? This is the perfect recipe for brunch or lunch on a slow and happy weekend. To...