Oven Recipes

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Three meatball skewers, lemon wedges and herb on paper. Small bowls of hummus and dukkah on side.
Lamb koftas
Classic orange glazed ham
Pesto Roast Potatoes
Honey & miso glazed carrots
Honey and harissa crumpets
Baked Salmon on Leek & Fennel with Mustard Vinaigrette  
Plantain & Coconut Gratin
Brown meat and light brown food stew in a light blue casserole pot with a spoon on wooden board, black pot of salt, bread, gray cloth around it.
Slow Cooker Fig Lamb Stew
A tomato sauce based skillet bake with green basil leaves scattered on top, a side bowl of yellow spaghetti, white tea towel on gray table top
Super Easy Tomato Basil Chicken Skillet Bake 
Slices of meat on round plate with a pot of white sauce in the middle, forks and toasted round flat bread on wooden board at one corner.
Cold Roast Lamb Slices with Coriander & Jalapeno Yoghurt
Meat with bones in a brown stew in white casserole dish, green herbs and red food scattered over. Slices of bread on wooden board, pots of salt pepper in the back.
Chocolate Lamb Shanks
A roasted leg of lamb and potatoes around it in a silver roasting tray, blue cloth, small pots of salt pepper
Easter Roast Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce
White fish topped with 3 orange slices on a baking paper with a fork, a plate of colourful lentil salad on the right side of it.
Honey & Orange Baked Fish with Lentil Salad
Two hands folding a sandwich made with tortilla, filled with lettuce, avocado, tomato, bacon and crumbed meat. One more sandwich nd a pot of green sauce in the back.
Chicken Bacon Tortilla Melt
Sliced beef on wooden board on white table top drizzled with green sauce. Two pottles of salt and pepper.
Grilled Ribeye Steak with Asian Style Herb Sauce
Chicken tenders and chips scattered on newspaper with a green cream sauce pot in the middle.
Chicken Tenders & Kumara Chips with Avocado Mayo
Nut crusted frenched lamb rack pieces on a plate with carrots and pot of white sauce
Walnut & Herb Crusted Lamb Racks
Roast rolled meat with stuffing on white slate, a pt of whie sauce and a bowl of slaw in the back
Stuffed Rolled Pork Belly Roast with Summer Slaw & Candied Nuts
meat kebabs, green leaf salad and two pots of sauce on a white plate in middle, a plate of roasted vege and a bowl of salad on top corners on grey. f
Honey & Rosemary Chicken Kebabs with Hasselback Roast Veggies
A cooked whole chicken on bed of green herbs with cooked orange halves on white plate and a jug of brown sauce
Garden Herb Stuffed Family Roast Chicken with Lemon Gravy
Top view of four taco filled with meat, radish and herb on black slate, a bowl of cut limes . salt flakes scattered.
Pulled Lamb Tacos with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds