Nespresso limited edition Italian coffees


Nespresso is adding two new limited-edition coffees to its Ispirazione Italiana range – inspired by the art of Italian master roasters and the tastes they so skilfully craft. Over the centuries, just as new artistic movements have emerged and grown, coffee roasting styles have also evolved. Indeed, despite Italy’s long coffee history, the specialty coffee scene in the country is flourishing. Nespresso is bringing the tastes and aromas of both the traditional and modern to New Zealand coffee lovers with Ispirazione Novecento and Ispirazione Millennio, each of them a true masterpiece of Italian roasting history.

Take a trip back in time with Ispirazione Novecento

Intensity: 9

New Limited Edition Ispirazione Novecento is inspired by the classic Italian espressos of the 1940s. It is a smoky dark cup that paints a picture of the country’s early stand-up coffee bars, in an era when roasting was slower and often wood-fired, and blends were dictated by the beans available in wartime Europe. Anchored in Brazil, Ispirazione Novecento is embellished with heirloom Arabicas and West African Robustas to give an intense espresso with raw spicy, nutty brown flavours and a dense, dark crema.

Step into the modern with Ispirazione Millennio

Intensity: 8

Nespresso’s Limited Edition Ispirazione Millennio, meanwhile, takes its aromatic cues from new trends of artisanal roasting sweeping the country, alongside growing preferences for brighter, fruitier flavours. To achieve this fresh, modern taste, lighter and shorter roasted Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas have been blended with beans from the Indian subcontinent. The result is a well-rounded and pleasantly intense coffee with spicy notes, fine acidity and a hint of fruit.


Art comes in many roasts

Nespresso’s Ispirazione Italiana is more than a range of Italian-inspired coffee - it’s a skilfully crafted masterpiece, balancing varied aromas, tastes, and geographical influences. The permanent range of seven coffees offer a broad variety of espressos and ristrettos, each capturing the roasting essence of an Italian city or region, from the spicy North African influences in Palermo to the rich depth of history of Rome.

Collaboration with local Chef Ben Bayly

In addition, Nespresso has collaborated with multi-award-winning New Zealand chef Ben Bayly. Renowned for his Italian cuisine at Aosta and formerly Baduzzi, Ben has also taken inspiration from Italian flavours and craftsmanship to create two distinct tiramisu recipes—one celebrating the bold, traditional taste of Ispirazione Novecento and one exploring a more modern taste with Ispirazione Millennio.

image below: Ben Bayly’s ‘Nonna’s Nespresso Tiramisu Cake’ with Ispirazione Novecento, and ‘Nespresso Martini Tiramisu’ with Ispirazione Millennio


The limited edition Ispirazione Novecento and Ispirazione Millennio will be available online at during Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3 in New Zealand, and available from Alert Level 2 at Nespresso Boutiques, from 13th September 2021 for RRP $11.50 per sleeve of 10.

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