Chicken karaage bao burgers

Three chicken karaage bao bun burgers with slaw and herb filling, served on black plates placed on a blue counter.

These chicken karaage bao burgers make for a tasty summer meal, while the Asian inspired slaw full of flavour and freshness adds a touch of sophistication worth a prime spot on the family go-to recipe list. Out of bao buns? Try this instead and garnish to taste.

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Pulled Jackfruit Bao

Jackfruit, commonly found in tropical areas, is the world’s largest fruit, weighing up to 50kgs. Its flesh can be eaten both ripe and sweet or as in this recipe, cooked unripe and used as a meat replacement in savoury dishes.

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Fried Bao Bun Ice Cream Sandwich

Vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched with Peanut Butter and banana in a crispy fried hot bao bun. The salty, sweet cashew crumb adds extra crunch and balances the sweetness.  

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