Best avocado & eggs on toast

Two halves of an boiled egg, avocado slices and nutty sprinkle on toast on a white round plate with two pots of white cream 7 nutty sprinkles, fork knife on white wooden table.

Served with beautiful avocado and creamy labneh, these will quickly become your favourite eggs on toast! You can make labneh ahead of time and use it with other meals. Sprinkle with pistachio dukkah on for extra decadence. This breakfast will easily beat any cafe brunch.

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Yoghurt & Chia Pots

A clear glass jar filled with white yoghurt topped with red berries.

These yoghurt and chia pots will satisfy the whole family. Make them the evening before then pop them in lunchboxes with a spoon, or eat for a quick & healthy breakfast if you’re running late for school – whoops! We make ours in little jars, so they’re easy to grab & go. If you have…

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