Sticky date toffee cake

A scrumptious brown cake you won’t be able to resist! The brown sugar works very well with the dates which makes this cake delightfully sweet, but not too heavy. Dates are a good source of dietary fibre and give you essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

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Spiced Coffee Crumble Cake

Spiced cake base goes very well with the bitterness of coffee. Enjoy this truly special cake straight out of a hot oven. You’ll love the crispiness of the crumble and beautiful aroma of coffee. A very sophisticated coffee cake. Ingredients (21cm cake tin): 250g plain flour 150g sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon ground…

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Massive Chocolate Cake

fresh food ideas massive chocolate cake

  This chocolate cake recipe is divine. It never fails, it’s huge, it’s moist and it’s delicious. You will feed a tribe of people on this cake.

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Madeleine cakes

My mother used to bake this simple, but tasty Madeleine for a treat. Madeleine is often baked in sea shell shaped baking tin, but you can just use your fairy cake or muffin tin. The richness of this cake comes from the equal amount of butter to flour, and this is the unique Madeleine character.…

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Cinnamon Tea Cake

Cinnamon Tea Cake Fresh ideas

The best part of a late Summer love picnic is when you’ve finished all the food in the basket, the kids are playing, and you lie down on the soft rug, just for a moment, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and then hear someone call, “Cake anyone? To make Cinnamon tea Cake, you will…

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