Best of Summer with Fresh

Best of Summer with Fresh banner with pineapple on yellow background

Fresh has selected a range of MUST HAVE food items to enjoy with family and friends over the summer and the festive season. And best of all, you can WIN it all!!! Click HERE to enter. Blueberry Balsamic Drizzle A tangy sweet & savoury drizzle. Perfect as a Salad Dressing, Marinade or Dipping Sauce. Stir…

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Corn Thins® Platter

Top view of a grazing platter with a lot of fruits cheese,, 3 bags of corn thins among lots of food.

We love any excuse to graze on platters. This Corn Thins platter is easy and a family favourite. Corn Thins slices are delicious, they taste like popcorn and are perfect to combine with your favourite toppings. Use fresh and seasonal produce and adorn with your favourite treats. Platters are a fun way to be creative…

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Canapes Idea—Corn Thins® 3 ways

Six round canapes on white board, yellow white toppings, red yellow toppings and pink green toppings , 2 each

3 delicious corn or rice cakes topping ideas that the whole family will love. From classic pairings with roasted tomatoes, ricotta and basil to beef with wasabi mayo and tropical flavours for dessert, explore the range and get inspiration for your next party.

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