Pulled lamb tacos with spiced pumpkin seeds

Top view of four taco filled with meat, radish and herb on black slate, a bowl of cut limes . salt flakes scattered.

Square cut lamb shoulder is the perfect cut for slow cooking. We slow cook ours with spices and orange slices for a delectable pulled lamb. The pumpkin seeds add delicious spicy crunch. Invite your friends over for this foodie fiesta.

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Pulled Pomegranate & Mint Lamb

Pulled Pomegranate & Mint Lamb Roast lamb doesn’t get much better than when it’s slowly cooked, allowing it to become beautifully tender and fall off the bone. Couple this with sweet bursts of pomegranate and you have perfection. Be excited… be very excited. Ingredients Prep; 10 min, Cook; 4 hours, Serves 8-10, Good Source of…

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