June Must Haves 2024

June Must Haves header image with a selection of food products

Easy winter meals We’ve got the Must Haves for easy meals that anyone in the family can help prepare. Get together in the kitchen and make a meal worth staying in for! King soup – great homemade soup King soup mixes make cooking homemade soup easy. Just add water or soup it up with extra…

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Pineapple Nasi Goreng

Fried rice with prawns, eggs and coriander in a pineapple half shell on white board with a fork and dishes.

Nasi Goreng is Indonesian fried rice. It is one of the cheapest meals you can buy when travelling in the region and so delicious. Nasi Goreng is often offered as part of a banquet-style meal or a side dish but the flavours are so perfect I think it’s best all on its own.

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