Halloween avocado ghosts

Green mash pasted ghost shaped snacks on black slate with white cotton spider web.

Fun and healthy Halloween treats that kids will love to make and eat. We use the natural shapes of the nuts and raisins for their eyes and mouth to create “happy” “surprised” “sad” or “angry” ghosts. Happy Halloween!

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Spider cookie ice cream sandwiches

hands holding a cookie sandwich

These spider cookie ice cream sandwiches are not only cute and spooky, but they’re fun for kids to help make. Perfect for Halloween or a fun birthday treat. Don’t worry – they’re delicious for grown-ups too!

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Halloween Treats

Never mind the real meaning of Halloween, it is a fun day for children of all ages. Dress up as Dracula, the devil, a goblin, ghost or witch and go knocking at neighbours’ doors for ‘Trick or Treat’! New Zealand’s long evening means we can have even more fun. Here are some ideas for your…

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