Hot Honey Margarita

A short glass of margarita with lime slices, and ingredients around it.

Looking for a new signature cocktail? Try adding some hot honey in a classic margarita. A true match made in cocktail heaven and perfect all year-round! The subtle heat builds up as you drink and gets you coming back for more! If whiskey is more your thing, try this Lynchburg lemonade and swap the simple…

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Mixing It Up: Chef Luis Cabrera’s Margarita Adventure

Chef Luis Cabrera’s journey is nothing short of a culinary odyssey that has led to the creation of a remarkable product, Besos Margarita Clasica. You may already be familiar with Chef Luis Cabrera, the former owner of the acclaimed Besos Latinos Restaurant and Ceviche Bar in Auckland. Born in Jalisco, Mexico, the birthplace of Tequila,…

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