Bacon and corn mini muffins

A basket full of mini muffins with a pot of tomato sauce.

These mini muffins are an easy lunchbox or afternoon snack for kids and adults. We love the combination of bacon, corn, garlic chives and cheese. If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t go past our classic banana chocolate muffins!

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Mini Bacon Cheese Muffins

Mini Bacon Cheese Muffins Mini Bacon Cheese Muffins. A fantastic savoury mini muffin recipe, which is super easy and perfect, tummy-filling goodness for the school holidays. So simple even the kids can help. Mmmm, bacon. Mmmm, cheese. Mmmm, mini muffins! Makes: 36 mini muffins or 20 minis & 6 regular muffin-size cupcakes Ingredients 1 SPCA Blue Tick…

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