Slow-cooked Lamb ragu with pasta

two bowls of pasta topped with lamb and herb. Two small pots of salt and pepper in the back. On wooden board.

This is an ultimate comfort dish during the cold months. Set your slow cooker in the morning before you go out & about, then you’ll come home to a hearty lamb ragu. Make a big pot—you can enjoy it over a few days or freeze some for a later day.

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Slow Cooked Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Mash & Green Beans

Cooked rack of lamb and green beans on large white bowl and two forks, two small pots of sauce and salt.

There will be people out there that say you can’t cook rack of lamb in the slow cooker. Well, they need to try this recipe! This NZ rack of lamb recipe is worthy of a dinner party. The roasting piece I’ve chosen for this particular slow cooker recipe is a lamb rack, which worked brilliantly…

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