Angel Bay Veggie Patty wins 2023 FMCG Business Product of the Year


Angel Bay Gourmet Veggie Patties have won the title of 2023 FMCG Product of the Year.

"We received many innovative and exciting entries for the FMCG Business Product of The Year Award 2023, but Angel Bay Gourmet Veggie Burger Patty stood out" said FMCG Business Head of Content, Tamara Rubanowski.

"Perfect for various occasions, from summer entertaining to family dinners, the judges said the Veggie Burger Patties are tasty, convenient, and a healthy burger alternative that is gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly too." The winning product was praised for its exceptional taste, convenience, and health benefits.

"In 2022, we started working on creating a Veggie Burger Patty that aligned with the rest of Angel Bay range, so it needed to be created with our customers in mind," shared a Becky Turnbull from Angel Bay.

"We know mealtimes are stressful and more and more families are needing to cater to a wider range of dietary requirements and preferences. We saw an opportunity to expand our current range, taking onboard what we know our customers love about our Beef and Lamb products and create something that caters to vegetarians, flexitarians, and vegans."

Crafted from a blend of Edamame soybeans, chickpeas, quinoa, cauliflower, spinach, and mushrooms, each patty packs a substantial 7g of protein, offering a nutritious option for consumers seeking a plant-based protein source. Angel Bay aimed to ensure their patties met various dietary needs, making them gluten, dairy, and egg-free. The result was a delectable patty that ticks all the boxes, leading to repeated purchases by satisfied customers.

Since its launch in mid-October 2023, the Angel Bay Gourmet Veggie Burger Patty has gained remarkable traction, becoming one of the more popular Angel Bay products.

The recognition and success of Angel Bay's Gourmet Veggie Burger Patty exemplifies the changing landscape of consumer preferences, indicating a growing demand for delicious, healthy, and inclusive food options within the FMCG industry.

Angel Bay Gourmet Veggie Burger Patties are available from Frozen section of good supermarkets throughout the country.


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