Dinner Recipes

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A roast pork topped with colourful fruit salsa, and a small bowl of salsa in the back
Roast pork with stonefruit salsa
Bacon wrapped chicken breast on green salad on a blue plate, glass of water and knife and fork
Bacon Guacamole Chicken Bombs
Two pieces of schnitzels stack on wooden board with a pan of mushroom sauce at back.
Chicken Schnitzel
Three meatball skewers, lemon wedges and herb on paper. Small bowls of hummus and dukkah on side.
Lamb koftas
A roasted whole chicken in a round pan with lemon slices and greens under it, brown cloth on top left of the pan
Lemon & herb stuffed roast chicken
A big piece of beef cooked whole and sliced showing pink inside. A bowl of sauce and salad at back
Best tomahawk ever
Two dark blue bowls of rice topped with egg, herb and nori, and chopsticks.
Oyako Don—chicken omelette on rice
Cooked pork joint shredded on wooden board with knife and fork, apples in front
Classic slow-cooked pork with apples
two bowls of pasta topped with lamb and herb. Two small pots of salt and pepper in the back. On wooden board.
Slow-cooked Lamb ragu with pasta
A cooked meat sliced on wooden board, bowl of roast potatoes and carrots
Beef Brisket Pot Roast
Two bowls of pumpkin dahl topped with white cream and red berries, and a bowl of yoghurt with red berries.
Pumpkin dahl
A plate full of cooked meat with greens in the middle, a small jug of brown sauce and cloth in front, pots of foot in the back.
Sunday Rump Roast
Two blue bowls of meat, tomato and cucumber on rice on a round light brown mat with chopsticks. Tomatoes and nuts around them.
Vietnamese caramel pork bowls
Three bowls of meat stew on white rice topped with green herb.
Top view of a pizza on round wooden board in centre, a block of cheese and a bowl of greens on left side. Beer glasses at top.
Airfryer pizza bianca
A big burger with green lettuce, white sauce, red onion, pattie, sliced tomatoes in filling on a black round plate. A bowl of coleslaw and glasses of drinks in the back.
Gourmet pesto lamb burger
Two loaded burgers with brown pattie, avocado, red sauce and white cheese on a wooden board with a bowl of fries in the back.
Ultimate loaded burgers
Classic orange glazed ham
Baked Salmon on Leek & Fennel with Mustard Vinaigrette  
Gluten Free BBQ Bunless Beef Burger
Brown meat and light brown food stew in a light blue casserole pot with a spoon on wooden board, black pot of salt, bread, gray cloth around it.
Slow Cooker Fig Lamb Stew