Steinlager Ultra Low Carb: The Choice is Clear

Ultra refreshing, easy-to-drink and 99% carb free

It’s Steinlager, but not as you know it.

Set to usher in a new generation of Steinlager drinkers this summer and beyond, the iconic New Zealand beer brand has launched Steinlager Ultra Low Carb – a perfectly balanced, easy-drinking, ultra refreshing, ultra low carb lager. Brewed with no additives or preservatives, Steinlager Ultra Low Carb is 99% carb free and contains only 88 calories per bottle.

Steinlager Ultra Low Carb represents Steinlager’s first foray into a clear bottle. Served icy cold and straight out of the fridge, chilly bin or cooler, it looks and tastes like summer in a bottle.

The inspiration for Steinlager Ultra Low Carb came from changing consumer needs, says Lauren Dyke, Steinlager’s Brand Manager. “People still love the taste of beer and the sociability that comes with sharing a drink with friends, but are more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies. They want an easy drinking, great tasting beer that won’t compromise their lifestyle.”

“Our brewers did an incredible job balancing all of the competing elements and we’ve seen that reflected in consumer testing where it out-performed the low carb market leaders in terms of taste appeal. We explored the very outer limits of reducing carbs in beer but the research was clear that it can’t come at the cost of taste. Our brewers rose to the challenge and absolutely nailed it – it is 99% carb free and tastes like a winner,” she says.

An ideal drop for not only those seeking a low carb beer, Steinlager Ultra Low Carb is set to be the go-to beer of choice for a wide range of beer occasions due to its easy-drinking, refreshing, great taste.

“It’s the clear choice for anyone who enjoys a balanced approach to life and a healthy dose of good times,” says Dyke.

The bar has been raised for low carb beers with Steinlager Ultra Low Carb, and the benchmark for a good summer session has been set – just add you and a group of mates.

Steinlager Ultra Low Carb comes in a 12x330mL bottle pack, a 6x330mL can pack and keg format, catering to all key beer occasions. It is available on tap in on-premise venues and the 12 pack is available in leading liquor stores and supermarkets now, with the 6 pack can available from 17 October.

ABV: 4.2%

Pack: 12x 330mL bottles

RRP: $23.99


Pack: 6x 330mL cans

RRP: $14.99





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