Air fryer jam and cream doughnuts

Six sugar dusted round buns on a white plate , the middle one is cut in half and showing red jam and cream inside.

Yes, doughnuts work in an air fryer! Soft and fluffy doughnuts filled with a classic flavour combo, this recipe is a keeper! If you’re into making your own jam, have a crack at something a bit different with feijoa or even bacon!

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Beans, Bacon and Egg Macaroni Cheese Pots 

Four round ramekins full of yellowish food with egg in each centre, green herb on a wooden board

Super easy hunger busters. These beans, bacon and egg macaroni cheese pots may be small in size but big on flavour and sure to satisfy your hungry teenagers after school or sports games. Layer baked beans, macaroni cheese and egg in heatproof ramekins and pop in your airfryer for a quick cook.

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