Quick salmon & cauliflower salad

Salmon flakes over white grain on a rectangle platter , a pot of brown sauce on white marble bench top.

We love this simple five ingredient salad using wood roasted salmon and cauliflower rice. It’s the perfect lunch, dinner, or picnic option. You can microwave, roast or pan fry cauliflower rice – choose a method that works for you.

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Cauliflower blue cheese soup

Cauliflower Blue Cheese Soup Healthy food ideas

Thoughts of cauliflower dredge up memories of bland dinners that don’t set your foodie heart racing? Trust us, this fabulous French creamy cauliflower soup will blow you away on a cold, winter’s day.

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Crumbed cauliflower

Crumbed Cauliflower pieces and lemon wedge on white plate.

This tasty vegetarian side dish is a yummy twist on an often avoided vegetable, cauliflower. Kids will love these cute, crumbed, white trees.

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