Chicken Schnitzel

Two pieces of schnitzels stack on wooden board with a pan of mushroom sauce at back.

Chicken schnitzel is a family favourite and always has everyone licking their plates. If you’re wanting a comforting dinner, serve this with our creamy mushroom sauce. Yum!

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Chicken Casserole

Chicken, mushroom, green beans in creamy coloured sauce in a red handled casserole dish, with a small bowl of soft mashed potato.

A true winter warmer recipe – a beautiful chicken casserole with mushrooms, thyme and sage. Everyone will smile.

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Crispy Chicken Karaage with Sriracha Mayo 

Freshly cooked crispy chicken kagaare on a tray

Our crispy chicken karaage with sriracha mayo is seriously addictive. We use Diamond’s Hot ‘n spicy Coat ‘n Cook to make it super simple and super delish! Karaage (pronounced ka-ra-ah-geh) is a popular Japanese dish.

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Saucy Chicken Puttanesca

Spaghetti and tomato sauce covered chicken on a blue decorative platter with black olives and herb scattered on top on blue background and small dishes of cheese, lemon etc.

Our saucy Chicken Puttanesca is just divine. Puttanesca is a famous Neapolitan tomato sauce typically include tomatoes, olive oil, anchovies, olives, capers and garlic.

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Quick Apricot Chicken Casserole

Chicken pieces and apricot halves in reddish brown sauce in a white casserole pan with handles on white board

Apricots go really well with chicken, adding a kind of sweet and sour flavour. This is one of my quick go-to dinners — it uses ingredients you usually have in the pantry and is quick and easy. It freezes and reheats well too, handy for those nights where you can’t be bothered cooking but still…

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