June Must-Haves 2023

June King's Birthday Must Haves. A range of images featuring food products

United Food Co – Crumbed Fish Elevate your homemade “Fakeaway” meals with United Fish Co’s premium range of locally caught, expertly crumbed frozen fish. Enjoy the convenience, superior quality, and a wide selection of golden crumbed Hoki, Tarakihi, Gurnard, Dory, or Southern Blue Whiting, delivering an authentic seafood experience to your table. Look for these…

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Easy one-pan chicken paella

A large skillet with colourful dish, a spoon, small dishes of food and vine tomatoes.

A colourful and cheerful rice dish that your whole family will love. Everything is cooked together in one large pan. Can you imagine the ‘wow’ when you place it on the dinner table? For a different spin on this cheat chicken paella, try a different rice risotto flavour pack or turn your leftovers into delicious…

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Ham and cheese arancini

Five ham and cheese arancini balls on a white plate with a fork and a pot of sauce on a wooden table.

Arancini balls are fun to make, serve and eat! Enjoy making them at leisure when you have time and freeze for snacks and lunch boxes anytime. Arancini are a great way to use up leftover risotto and you can swap the filling out for free-range chicken too.

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Creamy cashew alfredo pasta

A pot of cream coloured pasta with peas, basil, and a spoon scooping.

The creamy cashew alfredo sauce is made from raw natural cashews to give it richness and a thick creamy texture while being lighter and healthier. For a dairy version, try this quick cottage cheese alfredo sauce.

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Easy airfryer chicken drumsticks

Fried chicken drumsticks on a plate with a bowl of greens.

We love tasty meals that are easy to prepare. Our airfryer chicken drumsticks take less than 20 minutes from start to finish! Coat your chicken drumsticks in Diamond Coat ‘n Cook twice for extra crunch and pop in the airfryer. Easy. Delish.

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Lemon & cheese angel hair pasta

A plate of yellow coloured spaghetti with basil leaves and lemon. A folk full of pasta on it.

The combination of Parmesan cheese and lemon matches very well with the angel hair pasta. Thin pasta cooks in only 4 minutes and almost no cooking required to make the delicately scented sauce. A must to try.

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Easy baked mac and cheese

The simplest “mac and cheese”! And it is absolutely delicious. Just place all the ingredients in an ovenproof dish and let the oven work its magic. We’ve all had mac and cheese before but this version is potentially the easiest one yet! If however, you’re of the more traditional school, follow this recipe and make…

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How to cook the perfect pasta

Back to the basics, how to cook pasta, perfectly. Follow our simple steps and you’ll be twirling your fork in no time! Allow 100g of dried pasta per person for the main dinner serving. 60g per person If serving pasta as primo (starter).  Step 1: Bring a large pot of water to the boil. Add…

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