How to prepare lime leaves for cooking

Fresh makrut lime leaves on wooden board.

Remove the thick centre vein from the leaves. This makes them easier to slice, and the tough centres can be too chewy to eat.Stack a few leaves, then use a sharp knife to thinly slice lengthways. This is easier and quicker than cutting them individually. Freeze shredded lime leaves in a sealable plastic bag for…

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Fish Curry

A red skillet full of red curry on brown table with beer.

An authentic red curry can be made at home – easy and quick! Here is a gorgeous aromatic fish curry recipe. Serve with a nice cold beer. Perfect brew match here is Kaiser Brothers Brewery Pilsener craft beer.

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Hearty chicken curry with potatoes

Hearty chicken potato curry

This inspiring curry is easy, not too hot and the perfect winter weeknight wonder ready in under half an hour. If you prefer, you can swap out the chicken for 600g NZ lamb pieces. For a South Indian taste, try this coconut chicken curry.

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