Ham and cheese pinwheels

Pink lunch box with six ham pinwheels, mini tomatoes and orange wedges, and vegetable sticks filled.

Wow your kids with these cute pinwheels in their lunch boxes. Easy to make and easier to eat. Pinwheels for days… we love them sweet, we love them fresh and we love them baked.

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Bacon and corn mini muffins

A basket full of mini muffins with a pot of tomato sauce.

These mini muffins are an easy lunchbox or afternoon snack for kids and adults. We love the combination of bacon, corn, garlic chives and cheese. If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t go past our classic banana chocolate muffins!

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PeaNOT butter hummus with veggie sticks

PeaNOT butter hummus, crackers and a variety of fresh vegetable sticks in a green kids' lunchbox.

Kids love snacks with dips so send them off to school with this healthy treat. We keep the hummus extra simple to satisfy the fussiest of eaters. If you’re making the hummus for adults (or more adventurous eaters) then add a garlic clove and extra virgin olive oil. These halloween-themed treats are the perfect welcome…

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Bacon and Avocado Bagel

Bacon and Avocado Bagel Fresh Ideas

Bacon and Avocado Bagel Perfect bagel recipe for those busy on the go people who want to eat something healthy and delicious for breakfast but are time-restricted. Perfect also for the school lunchbox. Serves 2 You need: 2 ABE’s Baby bagels or 1 Natural Real Bagel, split 2 Tbsp cream cheese 2 tsp tomato pesto…

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