Smoked pineapple beer can chicken with pineapple salsa

Brown roast chicken and bowls of yellow salsa and brown sauce on board

In case you missed out on the ‘beer can chicken’ craze, we bring you our version of the pineapple beer can chicken. Smokey and tender chicken with just the right hint of pineapple flavour infused in the meat. Delish! Cooking a whole chicken in a smoker is the best way to guarantee flavourful and moist…

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Spinach & cheese chicken kiev

Chicken Kiev rolls with spinach and cheese filling served on a Le Creuset baking tray with a side of potato mash and steamed greens

Chicken Kiev is a popular Eastern European dish. Our take on this classic with noble origins uses chicken breast pounded then rolled around a spinach and cheese filling. It’s breadcrumbed then baked for delicious goodness. If you enjoy the crunch as much as we do, try this fresh chicken schnitzel recipe next time! Did you…

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Mango Hoisin Butterfly Chicken

Hands holding a silver tray with whole roast chicken,broccoli, lemon half and a pot of salsa on it over wooden board

This fruity, sweet and salty Mango Hoisin marinated chicken is a delightful Asian twist on your roast favourite roast chicken. Serve alongside lemony griddled broccolini and the freshest Mango & Avo salsa.

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Chicken, ham and mushroom pot pies

Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pot Pies

This pie recipe is the perfect excuse to use up any leftover chicken or ham you may have in your fridge. Being a pot pie, you can freeze these individually in the ramekins to cook when needed.

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Chicken Curry

Who doesn’t love an authentic chicken curry? We certainly do and we hope you like our recipe as much as we do. Curry in a hurry? Yes please!

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