Christmas Recipes

Two cocktail glasses full of creamy dessert topped with nuts and blueberries.
Blueberry & nut tiramisu
This decadent blueberry tiramisu is perfect for the whole family, as it doesn’t contain caffeine. It’s a show-stopping dessert that you can make ahead of time. Caramelising the nuts adds texture and ultra deliciousness.
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Baked whole leg ham with some sliced pieces on a wooden board.
Apricot glazed Xmas ham
It isn’t Christmas without a perfectly glazed ham. Follow our easy steps to prepare and glaze your festive favourite.
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3 glasses of layered red fruit, granola and yoghurt topped with herb and a small pot of honey
Dairy Free Christmas Breakfast Parfait 
Want to serve breakfast in style on the special day? Then try our light dairy free fruit yoghurt granola parfait.
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Ten cutlets of pink cooked meat on wooden board topped with red cherries and a knife
Roast Venison Racks & Sage with Cherry Brandy Sauce
This stunning venison roast will be a star at Christmas. Venison is low in fat, gorgeous dark red colour, tender and flavourful. The mild gaminess of meat pairs beautifully with the warm aroma of sage and the cherry brandy sauce.
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Pieces of chicken, potatoes on a plate and salad in a bowl, glasses of drinks.
Christmas BBQ butterfly chicken with summer salad
Make this delicious butterflied chicken your centrepiece this Christmas. Serve with herby greens and our perfect Christmas roast Lotatoes.
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A large white cake topped with yellow fruit, red, white and green foods on a golden plate on marble.
Ultimate Xmas Tropical Pavlova
It’s not a kiwi Christmas without a decadent pavlova. We love ours with tropical flavours and fresh mint.
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