Nespresso launches Vertuo coffee system

The new Nespresso Vertuo coffee brewing system range of products with several freshly brewed mugs and jars of coffee.

Nespresso, the pioneer of the portioned coffee known for high-quality Espresso, has launched the new Vertuo coffee brewing system in New Zealand. Nespresso Vertuo delivers the Vertuo Next coffee machine and a menu of New Zealand-inspired café quality coffees, with over 20 unique coffee styles to choose from and a capsule for every coffee lover. From Kiwis’ favourite Double Espresso flat white to a modern Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee, Vertuo can do it all with a single capsule and the touch of one button.

Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager Stefan Vermeulen is thrilled to extend at-home coffee options to Kiwi coffee lovers. “It’s no secret that New Zealand is a coffee-loving nation. By introducing Vertuo in New Zealand we are expanding at-home coffee options and delivering a range of coffee styles without compromising the taste or extraordinary quality expected from each cup of Nespresso.

“While New Zealand has a love for a milk-style coffee, there is a whole world of third wave coffee styles out there to discover, such as the Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee, which is gaining significant traction worldwide. With the brand new Vertuo system, these styles can now be discovered in your own home, at the touch of a button.”


The innovative domed design of a Vertuo capsule allows for more roast and ground coffee to be sealed inside, ready to make a great tasting coffee.

This unique capsule allows Vertuo to introduce the first true Double Espresso in a single capsule, best enjoyed as a Flat White, along with the favourites of Espresso, Cappuccino, and another coffee capsule first, a 535ml Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee, perfect for sharing.

“Whether you feel like a Double Espresso flat white in the morning, a longer cup of coffee for creative moments on afternoons and weekends, or a Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee to share with family and friends, Nespresso Vertuo offers a coffee style for every coffee moment,” says Stefan.

For information on the full Vertuo coffee menu, please visit:


Available in five different colourways – Matte Black, White, Cherry Red, Classic Black, and Dark Chrome - not only is there café-quality coffee for every moment, there’s also a style for every Kiwi home.

Vertuo Next

Designed for the future and evolution of the Vertuo capsule. Sleek in footprint and design, Vertuo Next offers the most diverse range of coffees and is made of 54% recycled materials.

Vertuo Next + Aeroccino3

Paired for perfected milk froth. The Aeroccino3 perfectly heats and froths your favourite milk to perfection time and time again to help create beautiful cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. It can also froth cold milk for iced coffees. The perfect companion to a Vertuo coffee at a touch of a button, just add milk.

Vertuo Next & Barista

Perfect pair for enhanced milk coffees. The Barista Milk Frother is the perfect partner for a Vertuo coffee. Expand your café menu at home beyond cappuccino and flat white with simple recipes for affogato, iced frappe, mocha & latte macchiato to name a few, all with this smart milk frother. Navigate through recipes with ease via the touch screen and connected app.

RRP ranges from $279.00 for the Vertuo Next Solo Matte Black to $329.00 for the Vertuo Next Deluxe Solo Dark Chrome and are all available to purchase in bundles with an Aeroccino3 or Barista. For more information on each of the machines please visit:



Nespresso also offers a wide range of sleek and stylish Vertuo coffee accessories. Each collection combines the senses of taste, smell, and sight to elevate Nespresso Vertuo coffee moments.

From glass coffee cups for hot and cold coffee recipes, to spoons to reveal coffee flavours and aromas, there are Vertuo accessories to suit every moment.

Not to mention, the exciting addition of the Nespresso Vertuo Carafe Set, exclusively made for use with Vertuo Next machines and Carafe Pour-Over Style coffee. Designed by Konstantin Gricic, made of double-walled borosilicate glass to ensure perfect thermal insulation, and hand blown, the Vertuo Carafe Set is perfect for the coffee sharing moment.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything Nespresso does, and drives a commitment to making a positive difference for people and the planet. In line with this approach, all Nespresso coffee capsules, including the Vertuo range, are made from aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material, which carefully protects the freshness, quality, and taste of the coffees. Nespresso has invested in its recycling programs and is committed to making it as simple and convenient as possible for consumers to recycle their used capsules. As well as this, all Nespresso systems are equipped with an energy-saving mode, or an automatic power-off function to minimise energy use.

Vertuo capsules can also be recycled just like your original Nespresso capsules, at one of almost 1,000 collection points at Nespresso Boutiques, select florists, and NZ Post shops. As a result of Nespresso’s ongoing commitment to creating exceptional quality, sustainable coffee, you can be sure that every coffee moment enjoyed with Nespresso is consistently remarkable.

Vertuo Next machines also come with a fully recyclable pack made from 99.5% recycled material: recycled paper, moulded paper, and paper foil to protect the machine from scratches. This innovative packaging will be rolled out to all Nespresso machines by the end of 2021.

The new Nespresso Vertuo Next system, coffees and accessories are available as of 3 November 2021 in Nespresso Boutiques, online at

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