Summer Must Haves 2024

A table in a garden with cooked chicken and mini pavlovas and the title Summer Must Haves

The InFizz™ Fusion by Breville

Infuse flavour into every drink with the InFizz™ Fusion .

Fizz is not just for water anymore. With the InFizz™ Fusion you can fizz juice, tea, cocktails, wine and re-fizz soda with the innovative FusionCap™. Conveniently store in the fridge for later with the included 1L bottle.

Additional 600ml and 1L bottles available separately.

Available from select retailers near you.

The Breville InFizz Fusion machine in three different colours - silver, white, and black
A platter of crackers, vegetables, cheeses etc featuring a packet of Farmland Pastrami

Make Entertaining Easy with Farmland

Farmland has a range of sliced meats to suit any occasion, conveniently prepared for you. Our handcrafted range uses only prime cuts of meat, which are thin-sliced and ready to use. Perfect for your entertaining platter this summer!

Find our premium range of Farmland Thin Sliced Meats in the Deli section at all supermarkets nationwide.

Waitoa Free Range Chicken for Summer Meals

Spend your long weekend with good food. Try our Waitoa Free Range Nibbles for a real crowd-pleaser, while our Free Range Butterflied Chicken is perfect for BBQs, air fryers or roasting. Available from New World and Pak’nSave stores nationwide.

A tray with a roast chicken and a dish of chicken nibbles with a packet of Waitoa Free Range Korean Barbecue Butterflied Chicken
A hamburger with a packet of Impossible Foods plant based hamburger patties

Impossible Burgers - Made From Plants

This summer, try Impossible™ Beef made from plants. Packed with 18.8g of protein per serving, Impossible™ Burger Patties deliver a delicious meaty bite, while also being a great source of iron and fibre with no animal hormones or antibiotics.

Available at selected Countdown/Woolworths and New World stores nationwide. RRP $12.

Impossible Plant Based Burger Patties

Seafood Stars!

Summer and seafood are just made for each other. Sea Cuisine Cooked Whole Prawns are snap-frozen and ready to defrost and serve - add them to salads and platters or go retro with a prawn cocktail! The Raw Whole Prawns Vannamei have a bold, sweet flavour and are perfect for all sorts of meals, from barbecues to stir fries. Available in supermarkets.

Summer & Lunar New Year with Trident!

Add fresh and delicious Asian favourites to your summer menu, with recipes from Trident’s range of authentic noodles, coconut creams and milks, and a side of sweet chilli sauce. See or Instagram for recipes. Available in all supermarkets.