Mocha Soufflés

3 dessert souffles dusted with cocoa powder on blue background

People can sometimes be scared to attempt soufflés but we love this Mocha Soufflé recipe . It is really quite simple and impressive to boot.

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Swiss Easter Jelly

Swiss Easter Jelly - Fresh Ideas

This fluffy Easter treat is light, cool and the kids can help! The perfect dessert for lovely, long weekends and a nice change from all that chocolate.

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Lemon meringue pie

meringue top pie close up.

Classic lemon meringue pie recipe that everyone loves. Using shop bought pastry makes it even easier to bake at home. Lemon Meringue pie is not difficult to make if you follow step by step.

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Classic French creme brûlé

Classic French Creme Brulee healthy food ideas

Creme brûlée is a beautiful, classic dessert recognised by the world’s top dinner menus. Here is the perfect recipe so you can create brilliance in your very own kitchen. Oh and by the way, if you add or subtract anything from the recipe – you can’t call it creme brûlée.

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Prunes in Tamarillo and Chocolate Sauce

Prunes in Tamarillo and Chocolate Sauce fresh ideas

Food author, journalist and restaurateur Lois Daish was a regular columnist with the NZ Listener magazine for nearly 25 years. This sensational prune and tamarillo recipe is a Lois stand-out: a simple winter dessert with remarkably rich and complex flavours, using beautiful tamarillos. You will need: 2 tamarillos 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup sugar splash…

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White chocolate mudcake

A piece of plain cake topped with a strawberry on white plate.

Love Milkybar as much as we do? Then you will adore this wonderful white chocolate mudcake recipe. Get ready to get asked to make this every time you visit friends and family!

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Berry Ambrosia

Berry Ambrosia - Fresh Ideas

This variation on the traditional ambrosia dessert salad is delicious and always a crowd pleaser. It’s brilliant as a festive dessert and quick and easy if you need to take a plate in a hurry. You can use frozen berries if fresh ones aren’t in season.

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