Chocolate pops

Need inspiration for healthy school snacks? The whole family will love these chocolate bites as a snack or a lunchbox treat. VGood spreads are made from chickpeas, so they are perfect for nut-free schools.

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Venison summer salad

This venison salad is perfect for a summer’s meal. It’s light, fresh and oh so tasty. You’ll just love the dried gourmet figs, fresh greens and seared venison.

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Christmas must-haves with Fresh

Christmas must-haves with Fresh text with red baubles, fairy lights and pine tree

We’ve selected our top Christmas must-haves with a range of food, beverage and appliances to enjoy with family and friends over the festive season. And to sweeten the deal, some of our partners have given us a few treats to share with YOU! Enter our 12 days of Christmas draw for the chance to win…

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Fresh Christmas wreath platter

Looking down on an appetising, edible Christmas wreath assembled with berries, charcuterie, avocado, cheese, grapes, stuffed dates, pecans, hummus dip and decorated with fresh sprigs of rosemary.

This Christmas wreath will wow your guests. Enjoy as a starter or something to nibble on with your festive favourite drink. These edible Christmas wreaths are enjoyable to make; they bring life to any table and are not just a treat for the eyes! How about making several different ones? We have directions for a…

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Bombe Alaska

Gorgeous Bombe Alaska cake, also known as baked Alaska, with a slice taken out and ice cream filling slightly melting, set on a marble countertop with a bouquet of light pink flowers contrasting with the lightly torched meringue topping.

Impress your guests with this amazing Christmas dessert! Blowtorch the meringue in front of your guests for a special foodie show. Then slice through meringue to reveal a fluffy almond flour cake and a duo of delicious ice creams studded with blueberry chocolate chunks and crispy honey roasted hazelnuts. Festive extravaganza! There is no shortage…

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Venison cocktail meatballs

A dozen Venison meatballs served on cocktail sticks with Italian and French condiments. The serving plate is sided with fresh herbs and bowls of dipping sauces.

These venison cocktail meatballs are classy and delicious as festive appetisers. We have different ways to serve them, so choose your favourite or try them all! You can make the meatballs ahead of time and warm them up on Christmas Day. These cocktail meatballs are the perfect appetizer for a large Christmas get-together. You can…

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Coconut Cake

Coconut cake in a close up top view, focusing on the icing with a swirl pattern in the center and toasted coconut flakes liberally sprinkled on the edge.

Check out this delicious coconut cake, made with Olivado’s beautiful extra virgin sweet almond oil. We love this tropical cake to share with our loved ones during the festive season. Yum! We like cake. Some say cake is the language of love. Check out this couple of guilt-free recipes: first a gluten and dairy-free upside…

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Stuffed medjool dates

Stuffed medjool dates, seven of, layed out open on a decorative platter with fine sweet and savoury fillings.

Simple, quick and easy snacks ideas to impress your guests. Try pairing the soft and plump medjool dates with a variety of savoury and sweet fillings. These are super cute served as part of a grazing platter. We use these fine dates in other creative ways. Let us show you a couple of nut-free treats…

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Nut-free chocolate peanut butter cups

A nut-free peanot butter cup-shaped sweet snack with a chocolate coat, cut in half on a wooden chopping board.

These chocolate peanut butter cups are nut-free, the perfect lunchbox, after school or playdate treat that the whole family will enjoy. Feeling inspired by these nut-free treats? Our oat pottle and muesli bar recipes are well worth a go.

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