Classy berry pavlova

A whole pavlova topped with mixed berries.

This is an indulgent pavlova with mascarpone cream and fresh berries topped with toasted sliced almonds. The base is a classic Kiwi pavlova recipe, crunchy on the outside and marshmallowy on the inside. Once you’ve mastered the art of the perfect pavlova, experiment with toppings like we did here with this tropical pavlova.

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Parmesan potatoes with macadamia crumb

Two pieces of roast potatoes on a spoon over a pan full of them.

This parmesan-crusted roast potato recipe takes your roasties to the next level. Make sure you have enough because everyone will come back for more. The next best thing after duck fat roasted potatoes.

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Congratulations FreshLife on Your Well-Deserved Win!

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that FreshLife’s gluten-free mixes have been awarded the Silver at the NZ Artisan Food Awards 2023! These prestigious awards are judged by six highly respected food industry professionals and recognise excellence in taste, quality, presentation, and usability, all while embracing the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations and sustainable…

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Platter bite boats

Crackers, grapes, cheese, and cocktail picks in small boats.

Perfect for events or picnics, these mini boats are cute, easy to create and can be easily adapted to different diet requirements.

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Mediterranean platter for two

Grazing platters are always a popular choice for entertaining, even for a small gathering. Easy and quick to prepare, but so attractive with lots of different Mediterranean tastes. This eggplant dip is the perfect addition to your platter.

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September Kia Ora Must-Haves 2023

September Kia Ora Must Haves 2023 header image

Better Burgers Angel Bay’s Premium Angus Patties are the perfect option when you want a quick and tasty meal. They are part cooked and ready within minutes, meaning you can spend more time doing the things you love. Available in all good supermarkets. Angel Bay Premium Angus Beef Patties Chilli Pep Talk Guilin Style Chilli…

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Baked cheese

Scooping melting cheese from a black dish with a round cracker.

This ooey gooey honey baked Camembert cheese will be a star for your winter grazing board. Deliciously easy and quick to make for any occasion. For something a little different, try baking the cheese wheel in the center of a puff pastry wreath.

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Christmas crack

Pieces of Chocolate with nuts on a wire rack

You'll love this salty sweet, crunchy, nutty, toffee & chocolate delight. Taste of festive winter holidays. Pair this with a berry and yoghurt bark for variety in flavours, colours and textures.

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