September Kia Ora Must-Haves 2023

September Kia Ora Must Haves (2)

Better Burgers

Angel Bay's Premium Angus Patties are the perfect option when you want a quick and tasty meal. They are part cooked and ready within minutes, meaning you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Available in all good supermarkets.

Angel Bay Premium Angus Beef Patties

Chilli Pep Talk

Guilin Style Chilli Sauce is made from selected chilli peppers according to the traditional recipe. Its unique piquancy and distinctive aroma are great for dipping and stir-frying.

Feeling tempted? Check out our Spicy Beef Burger recipe

Lee Kum Kee Guilin Style Chilli Sauce

Chicken Dinner Winner

Waitoa Free Range Butterflied Chicken is a great source of protein and contains no additives, artificial flavours, or preservatives. Enjoy its tasty Korean BBQ-inspired flavour, making it the perfect choice to share with friends and family.

Available at most leading supermarkets nationwide. RRP $13.99.

Waitoa Free Range Chicken

Taste New Zealand with Aoraki Salmon

New to the Aoraki Salmon family is the BBQ & Horopito Dry Rub Hot Smoked Salmon. It’s sweet, tangy, a little spicy and like all things BBQ’d, it’s smoky. Perfect as is or delicious in a hot smoked salmon platter with sourdough crackers.

RRP: $17.99

Find it at your local New World & Pak N Save Stores.

Aoraki Salmon

Barker’s of Geraldine

Super tasty, real easy! Barker’s of Geraldine have launched a range of NEW Marinades, loaded with huge flavour and quality ingredients. Available in 5 authentically inspired flavours, Barker’s NEW Marinades are gluten free with no added preservatives. Simply coat, cook enjoy.

Entertaining made easy!

Available in supermarkets nationwide or at Barker's of Geraldine RRP $5.49


A range of BArker's of Geraldine marinade packets with plates of food and a red NEW RANGE button in the corner
Packets of FreshLife Seed Cracker Baking Mix and Gluten Free Smooth Peanut Slice Mix with some plates of the baked crackers and slice

New gluten free mixes from FreshLife

Create your own café quality treats with FreshLife’s Smooth Peanut Slice Mix. Simply add a couple of ingredients, mix, chill and serve. No baking required. Gluten free, 100% plant-based and refi­ned sugar-free. Effortlessly create gluten free, keto-friendly crackers with FreshLife’s Seed Cracker Mix. These light and crispy crackers are perfect for satisfying savoury cravings. Serve with your favourite dips or toppings.

Available from Countdown supermarkets. RRP $7.59 for Peanut Slice Mix, RRP $5.39 for Seed Cracker Mix.