Swiss Easter Jelly

Swiss Easter Jelly - Fresh Ideas

This fluffy Easter treat is light, cool and the kids can help! The perfect dessert for lovely, long weekends and a nice change from all that chocolate.

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Feijoa jam

Feijoa jam on pikelets

  If you love the taste of feijoas, you can make it last all year long with your very own homemade feijoa jam. People will be impressed! Just 3 ingredients. Serve this with delicious pikelets.

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Homemade Apricot Jam

Two jars full of orange coloured jam with labels. food ideas

The summer fruit season is nearly here! If you're a keen cook, try your hand at jam making. This Apricot Jam recipe is easy with just 4 ingredients. Everyone will be so impressed.

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Homemade Gnocchi

Nothing is more satisfying than cooking a meal from scratch. Give this gnocchi a go… Before you know it you’ll be a pro! Ingredients 4 medium sized potatoes (we love Wilcox Vivaldi Gold) 1 egg (we love Woodland Free Range) 1 1/2 cups flour 1 tsp Olive Oil (we love Olivado Organic) Pinch of salt Olivado Extra…

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Feijoa Chutney

brown feijoa chutney heaped on a stack of crackers with whole feijoas in the back

  In autumn and early winter, we go bananas for feijoas in NZ. They're so aromatic and they make the most beautiful feijoa chutney which you can use in so many ways. This is one of the best fejoa recipes in our opinion. This chutney is the perfect condiment to serve with a beautiful cheese…

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Feijoa Wine

Fresh ideas - Feijoa Wine

This fabulous homemade Feijoa Wine recipe is perfect for Autumn and Winter. As the feijoas fall from your hedge or trees, just gather them up and think about all that free feijoa wine you’ll be enjoying… Check out these other great feijoa recipes: Feijoa Jam Feijoa Chutney Feijoa Cake Feijoa Shortcake Freezy Feijoa Sorbet

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Lemon Honey

Lemon Honey Healthy food ideas

When the cooler weather brings a harvest of citrus and the lemon tree at home is chock full of juicy, yellow fruit, make yourself some beautiful homemade Lemon Honey.

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Feijoa Cake

A whole cake with a wedge taken out on white bench top

  Fab feijoas are everywhere come Autumn in NZ and they are little powerhouses of vitamin C. Ripe feijoas fall on the ground so all you need to do is scoop them up, cut them in half for the kids to enjoy or whip up this funky Feijoa cake everyone will love. A true classic…

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Sausage Meat Patties

Looking to try something a little different? Then try this tasty Sausage Meat Patties recipe recipe that will make your average burger a little more interesting!

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Homemade gravy

Two sausages and cooked onions covered with gravy on bed of peas and mash.

Homemade gravy from scratch is one of the best homely kitchen delights. Homemade gravy will always taste better than instant or packet gravy but you can still add the meat juices and vege water to a packet gravy to spark it up as well.

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