Eskimo Lolly Cake

Slices of colourful lolly cakes in the background, one slice on a wooden spatula close up in front

I used to look with wide eyes at the lolly cake in our local bakery. It would have been a dream to have had a slice of that in my lunchbox. This Kiwi classic is incredibly easy to make — mix and roll, no baking — and it goes a long way. Keep the slices…

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Vanilla Cupcakes

Cupcakes always seem to bring a smile to someone’s face, no matter their age. There is just something so delightful about them. These Vanilla Cupcakes are super delicious. So be everyone’s new best friend and make these… Makes about 12 cupcakes Ingredients: 125g unsalted butter, softened (we love Lewis Road) 1 cup sugar 3 eggs…

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Children and adults will have fun making and eating this Potatosaurus. Makes: 4 dinosaurs Ingredients 4 medium general purpose or baking (floury) potatoes ½ cup of grated tasty cheese ½ cup milk ¼ cup grated cheese ½ green capsicum, deseeded and cut into small triangles ½ red capsicum deseeded and cut into small triangles ½…

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Star Wars Cupcakes

Star wars cupcakes fresh ideas

May the force be with you! These way-too-groovy Star Wars themed cupcakes will be the talk of any birthday party. The cupcake recipe is simple, moist and scrummy and the icing is so easy to make. Serves: 12 Ingredients ½ cup Rice Bran Oil 1 cup sugar 1 ½ cups self-raising flour 2 eggs 1…

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