Lemon and garlic butter prawns

Lemon and Garlic Butter Prawns

Garlic, butter and prawns are a rock solid combination, and we’ve spiked our version with a little lemon and parsley for an extra pop. Fresh bread alongside for dipping and you’re set for a delicious time. Add scallops to this dish for extra decadence.

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Custard squares

Two custard squares on a plate.

Custard Squares are very easy to make and everyone loves them. You’ll probably find all these ingredients in your pantry!

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Lemon Laganelle with Scallops

Fresh Fast Lemon Laganelle with Scallops

Lemon-infused pasta is a perfect seafood dinner. This is a simple meal but also a treat with a lovely glass of wine. Scallops are in season now and over summer. If they’re out of season, go with prawns which are also perfect for this pasta recipe. You need: 250gm Rustichella Limone Laganelle pasta (thin tagliatelle)…

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Rosemary Garlic Lemon Lamb

Rosemary Garlic Lemon Lamb - Fresh Ideas

Rosemary Garlic Lemon Lamb We are so lucky in NZ to have some of the world’s best lamb right at our fingertips. Lamb is an awesome power punch of iron. It’s nutritious, delicious and simple to cook, especially in BBQ season! Serves 4 For Rosemary Garlic Lemon Lamb, you will need: 10-12 NZ lamb fillets…

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Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Because this lemon yoghurt cake uses oil instead of butter, it's very easy to mix in a bowl using a whisk or fork. Of course, you can always use a food processor. Lemons are everywhere come NZ winter so just create, this recipe uses 3-4 lemons.

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Lemon and Lime Syllabub

Syllabub is a traditional English dessert, popular from the 16th to 19th Century. Usually made from milk or cream, seasoned with sugar and lightly curdled with citrus.

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