Classic Kiwi onion dip

Bowl of creamy dip in the centre of a platter with colourful raw vegetables, a bowl of potato chips.

Traditional Kiwi Dip recipe with reduced cream and onion soup and the magic ingredient DYC Malt vinegar! DYC malt vinegar gives the dip a savoury flavour boost. Great for Summer entertaining.

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Creamy Kiwiana Spuds

Creamy Kiwiana Spuds A great twist on the Kiwi favourite that is reduced cream and onion soup. This sauce is great over new baby spuds too. Serves 6 You Will Need: 32g Maggi onion soup 250g Nestle reduced cream 4 large potatoes (we love Wilcox Vivaldi Gold) ½ onion finely diced ¼ cup milk 1…

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